Wednesday, March 23, 2005

are you a circle or a square?

So James...obviously you are needing an inspiring Beth post. So, here you go! POST! topic for this evening is...are you a circle or a square? Throughout this post, I urge you to get up and check. Don't just assume that I mean politically or that you enjoy circles more than squares. I have experienced shapedom and I enjoy being a circle. I can't stand being a square.

What the hell am I talking about? Please, let me explain.

Stand up. No really, stand up. Picture yourself as a circle. Think circle. Be circle. This means that you can move in circular motions, swerve circularly, do somersaults (but please don't hurt your head), pirouette across the floor, whatever being a circle inspires you to do. Having fun yet? Well, let me switch gears. Now become a square. Think square. Be square. This means that you are very regimented. You turn corners like nobody's business. Do you feel yourself relax or are you suddenly very uncomfortable? This should help you to determine whether you are a circle or a square.

Proud to be a card-holding circle since...well, since July 10, 1985.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Guest Post #1

Music of the Moment: Looking Through You by the Beatles

Beth has been so neglectful of her blogging, I have decided to step in and make her blog a bit more interesting with a guest post. My name is Jamalyn, and I'm Bethy-poo's best friend.

Let's describe the surroundings right now. I'm wearing an over-sized shirt from Italy Beth had given to me almost 2 summers ago. Our friend, Joe, is always so distinguishly dressed. Clad in thrift store outfits, Joe is wearing white pants and loafers, kind of like an '80s beach bum. Also wearing a short-sleeved blue shirt under a red and white striped woman's vest, Joe tops off his ensemble witha black button up sweater. Schwag. Beth's... Beth. A Joe's Crab Shack T-shirt, jeans, and barefoot. What are you wearing right now?

Thursday, March 10, 2005


take the taboo quiz.

and go to nothing is taboo there.

Friday, March 04, 2005


Saturday, February 05, 2005

I don't know if this will work, but here goes...

Napoleon Dyanamite(Please rate my quiz)

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
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Friday, February 04, 2005


Alas...the influenza has taken me down. I am a prisoner to the aches, the coughs, the sore throat. I lay in my bed, try to get up and then am forced to lay down once again due to the nausea. Yum. I don't know if I remember what it really feels like to feel "good." Okay...well maybe that's a little overdramatic. But not much...I swear. So maybe I should use this hibernation time to get some homework done, or perhaps do some reading, just for fun. know...Desirae let me borrow some of her movies. Perhaps that is what I will do...yes...

Friday, January 28, 2005

i'm riding through the desert on a post with no name

I'm sitting here listening to my "pensamientos" (thoughts) playlist right now and thinking. A lot has been going through my head lately. I feel (sometimes) as if I've come to a new and more intense level of understanding about my relationships with people, my loves and fears, and myself. I have been a big introvert lately, my usual outbursts and overwhelming attitude have calmed down quite a bit. I think, however, that this is a good thing. I am very confused about many things right now. My fears, I've realized, are playing a big role in how I view myself and how my self-image affects the type of person I am around people.

I am afraid that I have too few deep connections with people. I don't mean being really close to someone...I mean the deeper connection that comes after spending hours upon hours talking about the things that really matter--life, death, happiness, fears, etc. Sometimes I really feel that only 2 or 3 people have a strong sense of who I am. Not only do these people have a certain level of understanding about me...they have accepted my shortcomings. And, while sometimes my shortcomings may be extremely annoying, they have learned to put up with them. For me, the deep connections with people are so vitally important to my sense of being. So, feeling as if I have 2 or 3 of these these deeper connections happen naturally? Is there anything that one can do to speed up the process?

I've been thinking a lot lately about mortality and the fact that all of us will die. When a good friend or a close family member dies, I'm sure that you have all heard their survivor say something to the effect of "I would give anything just to talk to them one more time." My fear is that when I come to the end of my journey, that I will no longer be wanted. I realize that it is very narcissistic to be wondering about this...but it makes my blood run cold. To me, that would be the ultimate rejection. If I died many people would be there saying that they would give anything to talk to ME one more time. What can I do during this short life of mine that will ensure that people will be happy for me at my death, knowing that I completed my goals and that I did lead a happy and balanced life?

I have also been thinking a lot about those people that just seem to "get it." They seem to understand that life is more than the little stuff that goes on everyday. Those people that don't worry about the petty stuff but instead understand that sometimes, there truly is a bigger issue. These people always seem to be the ones that can sense when you just need a hug. Some days, I feel as if I am alone. I think that no one understands me. I feel as if I have to put my guard up, this thick facade that I am so used to hiding beind. But then the people who "get it" suddenly show up with open arms and an open mind and heart. They help you to get through the funk that you're in. But how do you become one of these people? I try to be selfless and to forget about the little things that don't really matter but, too often I'm afraid, I slip back into the pattern of self-doubt and self-absorption.

So where's the solution? Some say I need to pray over these issues. I have tried, so I would appreciate any other suggestions that may be forthcoming. Does anyone have a solution? After an extremely long conversation with two aquaintances/friends this evening, I've come closer to the realization that all people ponder these questions although no one talks about it openly. And the ending is always the same..."I don't know," "I've always wondered about that," "I feel the same way."

Please, if by some miracle you have found the answers to any of these questions...send your wise old sage my way.