Monday, September 20, 2004

my paper

It has been an interesting day. I seemed to forget lots of things keys, my paper that was due today, the fact that I have an exam tomorrow, or that little four page paper that is also due tomorrow. I think that my problem is that I am writing about something that is too close to my heart. Maybe that is always my problem--I always let things get too close to me. I overanalyze, think way too much about little things.

My paper is on Down syndrome, but for me, when someone talks about DS, it means way more than a chromosomal abnormality. My cousin Emily has DS. She is 23 years old and has been an amazing source of inspiration throughout my life. Emily is now 22 and has always been very short. But, when we were younger, we were the same height and people would often ask if we were twins because our moms liked to put us in the same outfits. On top of that, we both had bright long blonde hair. (Obviously, I don't have that anymore). year, I learned completely and totally what it was like to know and live with someone who has DS. I went to YMCA summer camp when I was younger and always loved it. Then, one year, my mom asked if Emily could go along with me and if that would be okay. Me, loving my cousin a whole lot and not wanting to upset anyone, said yes. It was so challenging but so rewarding at the same time. I learned so much from Emily. I still don't understand how she stays in such a good mood all of the time--she never lets things affect her. She looks at the situation and realizes that she is smarter than the person making fun of her. If only I could learn to do that--my life would be so much more resolved. I learned that summer how STUPID people are--how rude, disrespectful, and how, if you don't know anyone with a disability, you often don't know how to "treat them." Well, all I know is that she is the most normal girl I know, so that is how I treat her. She is my cousin and my inspiration.

Emily talks to people all of the time about what it is like to live with Down syndrome. She doesn't accept her disabilites. She works to surpass them. And here I am complaining about writing some paper. How selfish.

Well, back to work...let's see if this helped clear my mind a little.


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