Tuesday, December 07, 2004

all apologies...

Hey...sorry for not having posted in quite some time...oh well.

So...not too much has been going on. I've been happy though. I decided that I need to be more optimistic about life in general. When things get busy, I automatically get bogged down and stop looking at the positive. The positive things are what makes this world, this life worthwile.

Some funny stories...

Today in my Christianity class (I have a hot teacher...hehee) Dr. Prentiss, somehow, during the middle of class started going on a 5-10 minute tirade about the word "lover." Somehow, he gets on this topic based on Augustine's references to his concubine as his loved one. He believes that the word is now underused and that we, as students, should bring the word back to the Rockhurst campus. He gave the example that when we introduce him to our boyfriend/girlfriend, that we should instead introduce them as our LOVER! After the 10 minute discussion, he began to give us his philosophy on life--that love makes the world go 'round. A 5 minute discussion about his philosophy followed.

But that's not it.

Developmental Psychology...I have Dr. Scott, a long-haired liberal psychologist. He walks in to class five minutes late wearing a pink hat. Not pastel pink, but HOT pink! I put on my glasses to see why everybody is laughing more, and I read the writing on the hat....in even hotter pink, the word Lust. Sex is obviously on the mind of all of my professors today. Dr. Scott goes on to explain that his wife bought him a pair of jeans and that she got a free hat with it. Hot pink lust was the only one left. She asked if he wanted it and he gave her a resounding YES!

WHAT the hell is happening to our professors? I'm not sure...but I kind of like it....


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