Wednesday, December 15, 2004

back at home!!

Hello ALL!!

I'm back at home in Dutzow, MO and I am SOO incredibly happy. It feels good not to have to worry about what is going on at school, not to worry about classes, friends, etc. I went out to lunch today with Shawn, Joey, and Shannon and it was a wonderful time. I feel so much more relaxed already. I slept wonderfully last night, no interruptions whatsoever. Right now, well...I just finished watching "Elf" which was absolutely wonderful, despite the fact that it looked awful. I'm listening to Nickel Creek now and loving the fact that my entire house now is wireless and that my parents got me a wireless card for my computer. That means that I can sit here in the basement and be on-line without having to worry about plugging my computer in to a phone jack. SUPER! Tomorrow, I plan to do nothing (in between going to the YMCA and finishing my laundry). I rented "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and so I'll probably watch that. But other than that, I am open for whatever! As long as it involves de-stressifying. Alright, well I'm going to bed now. AT ONLY 11:45!!

Whoever came up with Christmas break was a wonderful person!


At 7:59 PM, Blogger _1_ said...

Beth... you're a dork.

And I'm a dork.

And I'm on your computer.

Merry Post-Christmas


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